Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 2016: Happy Holidays!

Wishing You a Happy Holiday and New Year!
As I reflect today on how 2016 has unfolded, there have been some really amazing things happening in my business (I'll share more about that in a sec), but what really stands out to me is the power of friendship and family.

I'm so very thankful to the people who have walked alongside me this year and brought so much joy and laughter and support into my day to day. I had some great adventures this year: attending concerts (Gwen Stefani, Javier Colon, Rascal Flatts, Sheila E.!), took some time out for restoration at Wilbur Hot Springs with my honey, hiking with friends, made my first trip to Canada, traveled to Maui to spend Thanksgiving with family, and goofed off on the beach with my former hip hop crew.

As I think about these experiences, I'm also very present to a time in my life when things didn't feel so abundant. When I felt alone and isolated. When despair had a daily grip on me and made laughter a chore.

This makes these moments all the more meaningful for me. And it's also why I feel blessed everyday to get to support others in transforming their lives in similar ways.

This year:
  • Over 100 people completed the Beyond Surviving Program and are now doing wonderful things like traveling the world, getting engaged, starting the career they've always longed for, excelling at self-care, and healing others.
  • I interviewed some amazing folks for the Beyond Surviving Podcast including Terry Cranford, Woody Haiken, Rae Luskin, and so many more!
  • In collaboration with Eve, a Beyond Surviving graduate, we created a special podcast segment, Transforming Trauma, in which she shares her truth and perspective and dives into topics that might otherwise be avoided!
  • With the help of a dear friend, we gave my website a brand new look and I did a Facebook Live Scavenger Hunt that was super fun!

Looking to 2017, I am branching out and taking on some new projects! Here’s what I’ve got in mind for the New Year:
  • Further develop programs for medical professionals about screening for abuse;
  • Continue my efforts with CSA Survivor Force in raising awareness about sexual abuse;
  • Serve as an advisor in the development of a game that helps survivors process their feelings;
  • Launch more group programs for men;
  • … and even more!

Most importantly, I want you to know that I couldn't have done any of it without your amazing and ongoing support. I’m in an incredible community and hope that you have been touched, inspired, and healed by something we shared this year.

So, with deep gratitude, my wish for you is that your holiday and 2017 are filled with joy, love, laughter, and strength.

With much love,

* Lahaina, Maui

* Rascal Flatts Concert!


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